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Johnny Ginger,  TV and dinner club entertainer, Al's friend from his youth (also see My Friend- JOHNNY GINGER!)
Barb's sister, Jan, is an artist, too! Check out her website if you need some great GRAPHIC ART done! She gives a discount to churches! [She designed our current church logo.] SCRIPT ART
Positive Solutions - Online Marriage Counsel
(Barb's Sister and her Husband's site.)
Scrap Girls: Making it simple for YOU to become a great digital scrapbooker!
Local Church Publishing (KJV.com) 

Our son-in-law, Scott Gregson, runs a publishing company and web server. Audio sermons, links to personal friends in Gospel music, advertising and publishing items. 
     Publishing of all kinds... great prices for Baptist ministries and missionaries. He does books, mailers, tracts, sheet music, DESIGNING, CHURCH FORMS (i.e. envelopes, order of service, STATIONERY, etc.) ... and even does GREAT websites! Check him out! Business cards and church full color brochures at prices you want!

Bible Baptist Church (where Al pastors)  

OPEN DOOR BAPTIST   -- Founded by our personal friend, Dr Ken Blue. (Now pastored by Jason Murphy.)
This site  has some good sermon outlines and study materials for you.  

BIBLICAL DISCERNMENT MINISTRIES: Have a question about a particular ministry? Perhaps the answer can be found here. 

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