THE WORD OF GOD-- "My Crutch!"

Ps. 119:113-120

      The Hebrew letter ("SAMECH") that begins this stanza of the 119th Psalm means "prop" or "support." A crutch is used to prop something up, that cannot stand alone. Crutches are for those who need help to support themselves. A crutch is for someone who has trouble walking on their own.
      Some accuse Christians as using the Bible as a "crutch." A crutch is something we trust to support us. The truth is, everyone has a crutch of some kind. For one, it could be drugs, alcohol or tobacco; for another it might be religion or education, etc. The Psalmist said his "crutch" (support) was the Word of God (vs. 114, 116, 117). 
      In this fifteenth stanza of Psalm 119, we see...

I. Godly Attitudes are Expressed (v. 113). Attitudes of love/hate are contrasted (cf. v. 163). What you love determines what you hate. When you love God's Word you will hate anything that goes contrary to God's Word.

    A. Hatred for the rising of sin. Sin starts with "vain thoughts." 
The thoughts of man are vanities-- The thoughts of God are verities.
        1. Empty thoughts-- I hate "vain thoughts" because of what they do to me. They distract me from what I should love-- God's Law! 
        2. Envious thoughts--  Covetousness
        3. Evil thoughts-- Lust
        4. Erroneous thoughts-- Evolution
        5. Egotistical thoughts--Self-centered
        6. Extravagant thoughts--The rich fool (Luke 12)
     B. Our thoughts must center on God and His Word, otherwise we are heading for sin. Promotes freedom and strength. A good crutch.

II. God's Assistance is Established (vs. 114, 116, 117). He is talking about trusting God. We must learn WHO TO TRUST. 
      A. v. 114--My shield
      B. v. 116-- My support
      C. v. 117-- My safety

III. Godless Adversaries are Expelled (v. 115). When you are safe in God's hiding place and shielded by His Word, you are in a position to dispel all who would oppose your resolution for God.
        To whomsoever the Lord says "Depart" (Mt. 7:23; 25:41) we should also say "depart!"

IV. God's Avengement will be Executed (v. 118-119).There is a day coming which will put the wicked into everlasting fire, the fit place for the dross. (fulfilled in Daniel's 70th Week)

V. Godly Awe is Excited (v. 120). The trembling was the result of what he said in vs. 118-119. 
        When a person really believes what God says about certain things, it will make his flesh crawl! His flesh "creeps" when he thinks of the historical acts of God's judgment. 
        A. David was afraid upon the judgment of Uzza (1 Chron. 13:11-12)
        B. Elijah calls fire down from heaven on the companies of fifty (2 Kings 1)
        C. Fear came upon the church upon the death of Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:11).
        D. Judgment Seat of Christ should excite fear-- "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men."