Job 13:27
One of the most comforting truths for me is the sovereignty of God. I’m glad God is in control. God has a plan for my feet! I’m glad He knows the way that I take and can fix what I mess up. 1 Sam. 2:9—"He will keep the feet of his saints…"
I. He TAGS us — "…thou settest a print [to carve; engraved curves] upon the heels of my feet."
    A. God tagged you before you were born. He was working on you while you were in the womb. God gave you a pre-natal autograph when He gave you your very own unique foot-print.
    B. God created you with a divine peculiarity— No one else is like you!
    C. Why did God create you with a unique tracking device on your feet? Be-cause He has some place special for you to go. Why have a foot-print if He didn’t have some place for you to make your mark in life?
    D. God is interested in your steps. God has a path for you to follow. God has a walk for you to walk, and only you can walk it. God has a plan for your life.

II. He TRACKS us — "Thou… lookest narrowly unto all my paths…"
    A. "…lookest narrowly [to watch carefully; to study; to inspect closely and regularly; like a hunter tracking a deer] unto ALL my paths…"
    B. He looks after me so when I mess up, He can fix it!
    C. Job 14:16—Since God counts your steps He must watch every one you take! God is with you every step you take.
    D. Job 23:10-11—
    E. Job 31:4-7— Your foot print should never be found in front of a pornogra-phy magazine rack or X-rated movie theater; or in a liquor store; or at a lotto ticket counter or at a video poker hell-hole.
    F. As your foot-print been found at Calvary? If it hasn’t, you need to be saved.
  At Calvary God erases all your tracks before you got there.

III. He TACKLES / TRAPS us — "Thou puttest my feet also in the stocks…"  Job was not literally in chains nor in stocks. He is speaking figuratively.
    A. He arrests us. Paul said he was "apprehended of Christ Jesus" (Phil 3:12).
    B. He stops us to protect us.
    C. He stops you to turn you in another direction (cf. 19:8; Acts 16:6-7)."The steps [as well as ‘the STOPS’] of a good man are ordered by the Lord."

CONCLUSION: In 1779 John Newton composed this poetic fable of God's overruling providence.
  "Once upon a time a paper kite
      Mounted to a wondrous height,
   Where giddy with its elevation,
      It thus expressed self-admiration:
  'See how the crowds of gazing people
       Admire my flight above the steeple.
   How they would wonder if they knew
       All that a kite like me can do!
  Were I but free, I'd take a flight
       And pierce the clouds beyond their sight;
   But ah! like a poor prisoner bound,
       My string confines me to the ground!
   I'd brave the eagle's towering wing,
       Might I but fly without the string.'
   It tugged and pulled while thus it spoke--
       To snap the string--at last it broke.
   Deprived at once of all its stay,
       In vain it tried to soar away;
   Unable its own weight to bear,
       It fluttered downward through the air.
   Unable its own course to guide,
      The winds soon plunged it in the tide.
   Ah! foolish kite, thou hast no wing,
      How couldst thou fly without a string?
   My heart cried out, 'O Lord, I see
      How much this kite resembles me!
   Forgetful that by Thee I stand,
      Impatient of thy ruling hand;
   How oft I've wished to break the lines
      Thy wisdom for my lot assigns!
   How oft indulge the vain desire
      For something more, or something higher!
   But for Thy grace and love divine,
      A fall this dreadful had been mine!"