Gen 22:1-19 (text: v. 14)

The passage is a lesson of sacrificial giving: 

I. The PROVING (vs.1-2).
  A. God tests His people. God gives money as a TEST.
  B. Faith grows as it is tested.
  C. Any test God puts you through, you can PASS (1 Cor. 10:13).
  D. You will be rewarded for passing the test (James 1:12).

II. The PROPHECY  (vs. 3-8).
  A. Abraham was unhesitating in his COMPLIANCE (v. 3).
  B. Abraham was unwavering in his CONFIDENCE (vs. 4-6).
      1. He told the men with him that he and his son would return (v. 5).
      2. He had God's promise that Isaac would be the father of many people (Gen. 15:4-6; 17:15-19).
      3. He believed God would raise Isaac from the dead to fulfill His promise (Heb. 11:17-19).
  C. Abraham was unmovable in his CONVICTION (vs. 7-8; 1 Cor. 15:58). "…Where is the Lamb?" Great question!!!
    1. He was given a prophecy of God becoming the Lamb Himself. 
    2. Abraham did not believe God was going to provide the lamb in the stead of his son. Abraham believed Isaac would actually be killed and burned, then resurrected. 
    3. God's ways are often different than our ways. Abraham thought he had it all figured out. The provision of the Lamb was a divine revelation to him.

III. The PROVISION (vs. 9-18).  (cf. vs. 7-8 with v. 14). 
    A. God blesses what is given to Him (vs. 15-17). God will not bless what is withheld from Him.
    B. When we give what God asks for, He will provide (v. 14).
    C. The provision of the Lamb (v. 8) prophetically points to Christ, the Lamb of God. In Him, every provision is made that we will ever need
        1. Provision of salvation
        2. Provision of daily needs (Rom. 8:32 cf. Phil. 4:19).