Psalm 119:97-104 ("MEM" = "water")

The emphasis of this stanza in the 119th Psalm is how the Bible teaches us (vs. 98, 99, 100, 102, 104). 
The Bible is my library-- 66 books in one volume-- 

I. ENDEARMENT to God's Word (v. 97). He makes no apologies for his AFFECTION towards the Word of God (vs. 97, 104). Notice, this stanza starts with something he loves and ends with something he hates! 
    Why do I love the Bible?
    A. Because I love the Author.
    B. Because of the Savior the Bible reveals. 
    C. Because of what the Bible does for me.

II. ENLIGHTENMENT of God's Word (vs. 98-102, 104). Professional educators dread Scriptures like verses 98-100. The King James Bible contains knowledge and wisdom that cannot be found anywhere else! 
      A. It makes me wiser than mine enemies (v. 98 cf. Dt. 4:5-6). 
            ILLUS: David was wiser than King Saul, who sought to murder him (1 Sam. 18:20-30 esp. v. 30).
      B. It gives me more understanding than all my teachers (v. 99). Most S.S. kids from Bible believing local churches have more understanding than their teachers in the public school system. William Lyon Phelps of Yale University, one of America's most notable college professors, said, "I thoroughly believe in a university education for both men and women, but I believe a knowledge of the Bible without a college course is more valuable than a college course without the Bible."
        C. It gives me more understanding than the ancients (v.100). 
            1. The Bible gives the only reasonable explanation for the origin of the universe. 
            2. The Bible refutes evolution. 
            3. Earth is round (2650 yrs. ago-- Isa. 40:22)
            4. Earth is suspended in space (3460 yrs ago-- Job 26:7)
            5. "North" is empty (3460 yrs. ago-- Job 26:7)
            6. Air has weight-- 3460 yrs. ago-- Job 28:25
            7. Life is in the blood (3487 yrs. ago-- Lev. 17:11). 
            8. Laws of sanitation (3487 yrs. ago-- Lev. 15:13; Num. 19).
            9. 1st Law of Thermodynamics (established in 1850 AD) -- Energy conservation; energy cannot be created. The sum total of energy in the universe remains constant. Bible settled this in Genesis 2:1-3
          10. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (Established in 1850 AD.)-- Energy deterioration. This universe may be looked upon as a wound-up clock that is slowly running down. Bible settled it in Psalm 102:26.

III. ENJOYMENT from God's Word (vs. 103-104). 3 stages of Bible study: 
      A. Cod-liver oil stage-- When you take it for medicine; 
      B. Shredded wheat stage-- Dry, but nourishing; 
      C. Milk and honey stage-- I enjoy reading it!